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Product Overview

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ghip systems GmbH

ghip systems GmbH, headquartered in Germany, concentrates on network technology and telecommunication. The company develops various kinds of multiplexers and other fiber optic based products that are produced at the company´s seat in Hamburg.

Product Family Overview

Passive Optical Multiplexers

Our flexible express CWDM/OADM, DWDM, or WDM concept provides the ideal enhancement for your current fiber optic infrastructure. It will transmit up to 16 connections of different standards, data rates or protocols over one single fiber optic link. Its fully passive optical technology makes it suitable for a robust and maintenance-free backbone architecture. [more ...]

Voice+Data TDM over Redundant Fiber Optics

The gigabit TDM family is an optical time-division multiplexers series that faciliates fully redundant transmission of voice and data at the same time. It connects one Gigabit Ethernet at wirespeed and up to eight E1/T1 or one E3/DS3 connection over one or two 1.25Gbit/s fiber optical links. Additional formerly required leased lines for voice can be fully substituted. [more ...]

Leased Line Emulation over IP Networks

Transmitting voice and data in a transparent mode over IP networks, the hybrid IPM enables a cost-effective migration to IP packet technology using legacy PBX equipment and existing IP networks. The PBXs voice E1/T1 line or classic synchronous data signals are mapped into a special E1-over-IP or T1-over-IP packet stream for transportation and routing over the Ethernet/IP network. [more ...]

Repeating, Conversion, and Backup

The modular CONV / modular BKUP are flexible fiber optic converters and backup switches with integrated management. Their conversion or backup channels allow a data rate of up to 2.7 Gbit/s. Full 3R Regeneration (re-amplification, re-shaping, re-timing) on each channel is included. Completing each channel with individually selectable fiber optic SFP modules makes them suitable for use in a wide range of applications. [more ...]
Most recent News

NEW!23/01/2012 Best Suitable SFP+ Modules for your Application

Our range of SFP+ modules includes 10Gbps Ethernet as well as 2/4/8Gbps Fibre Channel or SDH STM-64 transceiver modules.
The modules are offered for single-mode or multi-mode fiber and are also available for CWDM and DWDM applications for various reaches and budgets. We can also provide OEM compatible transceiver modules that fit e.g. for Cisco® or Brocade®
You will find our new 10Gbps converter [here].

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FO Multiplexing Combining WDM, CWDM and DWDM Technology

Timing Regeration over IP Clocking options for Circuit Emulation over IP Networks


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