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Our News Archive

Our most recent News

NEW!23/01/2012 Best Suitable SFP+ Modules for your Application

Our range of SFP+ modules includes 10Gbps Ethernet as well as 2/4/8Gbps Fibre Channel or SDH STM-64 transceiver modules.
The modules are offered for single-mode or multi-mode fiber and are also available for CWDM and DWDM applications for various reaches and budgets. We can also provide OEM compatible transceiver modules that fit e.g. for Cisco® or Brocade®
You will find our new 10Gbps converter [here].

Previous News

08/12/2011 All from One Source for CWDM and DWDM

You can obtain from us all required components like transceiver modules, media converters, multiplexors, and add-drop units for utilizing your efficient and robust xWDM infrastructure with 10Gbps or more per channel.
You can find our passive core components for CWDM [here], or for DWDM [here].

09/01/2010 New Multi-line 10Gbps Fiber Converter

Our new modular CONV 2004/2008 has four or eight independent channels, each of them equally suitable for Ethernet, Fibre Channel or SDH/SONET.
The channels can be equipped with SFP or SFP+ modules and utilize them for converting between wavelengths, xWDM, cable types or budgets, or just work as a simple 2R repeater.
You will find our new 10Gbps converter [here].

02/23/2009 10 Gbps Data over CWDM or DWDM

We are happy to offer XFP and XENPAK modules for CWDM and DWDM.
Having these, we are now able to deliver our CWDM and DWDM equipment together with complementary transceivers for 10Gbps Ethernet or Fibre Channel.
You will find our XFP and XENPAK modules [here].

01/07/2008 Measurement Tools for Network Installation

In order to better support our customers at installation time and in case of maintenance and service, we start offering some small but versatile measuring equipment.
All devices are cost-effective, robust, easy to use and of portable hand-held size.
These handy tools can be found [here].

07/10/2007 Ghip systems goes ETSI

Starting immediately, we deliver the full range of multiplexers and OADMs for CWDM, DWDM, und WDM with modified housings that have lesser installation depth.
This way, using an appropriate installation kit all our passive fiber-optical devices fit into current ETSI cabinets that are built according to the european ETSI standard.
All devices might also be used as desktop units, or can still be mounted into the commonly-used 19" racks without additional effort.
An overview of our passive optical multiplexers can be found [here].

03/15/2007 Extending our Optical Modules Range with X2 Modules

Besides the currently offered SFP-, GBIC-, XFP-, und XENPAK modules, from now on we additionally provide a small range of X2 modules.
This way we support another popular standard for 10Gbit/s Ethernet, 10G-Fibre Channel, and OC192/STM-64 that is also being focused on by important vendors.
A list of all currently offered X2 Modules can be found [here].

04/28/2006 Passive Product Family now contains DWDM Equipment

We have complemented our popular "express" fiber optic multiplexer series with DWDM multiplexers and appropriate DWDM add/drop units. This concept allows more than 40 data streams to be combined and transmitted over a single fiber optic connection, each one with a data rate of up to 10Gbps.
As well known from the express CWDM series, flexible point-point lines as well as tree und ring structures can be built.
Utilization and throughput of existing fiber optic infrastructure will be optimized through usage of the express DWDM family, and also fully utilized CWDM networks can be seamlessly extended with additional DWDM channels.
You will find all product details about the express DWDM series [here].

01/27/2006 CWDM/OADM over a Single Fiber Optic Line

The new single-fiber branch in our express CWDM/OADM product family is especially made for the situation that only one single fiber is available for transmitting the demanded applications via CWDM. It will transmit up to 4 connections of different standards, data rates or protocols with up to 10 Gbit/s over one single-fiber optic link. With our complementary express CWDM single-fiber add/drop components you can drop channels from a bus or build optical add-and-drop rings in a flexible way.
More information about our single-fiber CWDM concept [here].

06/27/2005 Hybrid TDM-over-IP Multiplexer for LANs and IP Networks

Our new hybrid IPM device family faciliates transparent transmission of up to four serial data streams over an Ethernet/IP network. T1 or E1 (structured and unstructured) as well as the classic synchronous standards RS530, V.24, V.35, V.36 and X.21 are supported. This way, these additional voice and data services can be transported directly over the LAN, and costs for previously required leased lines can be eliminated.
Because of using GHMoIP protocol, data become routable through large IP networks and over wide distances. QoS and VLAN are also supported to ensure high-quality delivery.
You will find more details [here].

03/02/2005 New Fiber Optic Backup Switch on CeBIT

The modular BKUP backup switch protects up to two optical connections, transmitting the data over a backup line in case of failure. Another application is connecting a single fiber optic device port to a redundant OADM backbone. Like the converter, the backup switch is fully capable of 3R recovery and thanks to SFP usage it is adaptable to the most different applications.
[Here] you find all details.

02/24/2005 GBIC modules now available

Often, our customers do not only need the suitable device for their network extension, but also the necessary accessories. Hence, we extended our program of delivery with gigabit interface converter modules (GBICs).
[Here] you find all details. We procure other module types for you on request. Just ask us!

02/01/2005 Your passive CWDM network becomes active

Not every device which shall be connected to a CWDM network, can deliver the suitable wavelengths for it. To support also devices with fixed or other wavelength, now there is our new modular CONV with four fiber-to fiber converters. These converters are equipped with SFP slots and therefore can be adapted to all demands. Furthermore, they are 3R capable and can be used as fiber optic repeaters.
All other product information is [here].

11/18/2004 Visit us on CeBIT fair!

You will find us in Hall 13 Booth A57.
Here you can get in touch with us, talk shop about your requirements and view our current products.
For further information see [Events].

03/03/2004 All from One Source

Every network is different. Therefore, our components will be supplemented with individually selected SFP modules, which fit to the specific requirements.
From now on, you can obtain your suitable SFP modules directly from us.
More details [here].

03/01/2004 Face-Lifting for Our Web Site

This week, we started a complete relaunch, to make our site even more actual and informative to you.
We will be pleased with your feedback on this site or on our products! [Here] you can tell us your comments.

02/04/2004 The switchGIGA 8+8 is here!

Our "new one" is a flexible dual-standard Gigabit Ethernet switch with 8 ports.
Each port is provided both as copper and fiber optic (SFP) connector.
Additional features are trunking and comprehensive management capabilities. Find more informationen [here].

10/01/2003 Our New TDM Device Family is Born

This new fiber optic multiplexer series combines a Gigabit Ethernet switch with up to eight E1/T1 TDM ports or one E3/T3 channel. The wirespeed Gigabit uplink is implemented as a redundant SFP connector with 1,25 Gbit/s, to facilitate connectivity to freespace optic, a point-to-point line or a CWDM backbone ring according to the actual requirements.
All details about or gigabit TDM product family please read [here].

09/01/2003 New Positioning in the Metro Area and Relaunch

Done it at last: Our new strategy is defined!
From now on, we will focus our competences and our know-how more specificly and we will concentrate on the Metro Ethernet and fiber optic market section.
Our main point will be communication equipment around CWDM and fiber optic, and the foundation stone will be laid with our CWDM products.
You will find more about our express CWDM/OADM components [here].


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