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modular CONV 2004/2008

Flexible 10Gbps Fiber Converter and Repeater

modular CONV The modular CONV 2004/2008 is a flexible fiber optic converter and repeater. It has four or eight independent channels that allow a data rate of up to 11 Gbit/s. Signal regeneration (re-amplification and re-shaping) on each channel is included.

The chance to complete any port of each channel with individually selectable fiber optic SFP or SFP+ modules makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

This device supports SFP modules with up to 4 Gbps and SFP+ modules with up to 11 Gbps.

Due to its power supply and fan redundancy, this device is also well-prepared for use in environments with demand for high reliability.

See also:
- The copper/fiber media converter option of the switch GIGA 6208+8.
- Fiber backup switching including 3R Regeneration with the modular BKUP 7502.
- Accessories: An assortment of SFP and SFP+ modules as well as patch cables for the converter ports.

  • 2R Fiber Optic Converter/Repeater with four independent converter channels, each one provided as a SFP / SFP+ slot pair
  • Channel data rate up to 11 Gbit/s
  • Fully flexible "any-to-any" color/fiber/budget choice for each port on each channel because of standard SFP or SFP+ use
  • Selection of multi-mode, single-mode, WDM, CWDM or DWDM for each port individually
  • Fully protocol transparent
  • Support of Link Pass Through
  • Power Supply 100-240V AC or -48V DC
  • Optional: Redundant Power Supply
Application Examples
  • "Any-to-any" Fiber Optic Converter
  • Fiber Optic 2R Repeater for Long-Distance Transmission
  • Color Generator for passive CWDM/DWDM Systems

modular CONV converting four Independent Protocols each with 1310 nm to CWDM Color Scheme


modular CONV working as a 4 x Fiber Optic 2R Signal Regenerator

Number of Channels 4 or 8 independent Converter/Repeater Channels
Fiber Optic Interfaces 2 SFP / SFP+ Module Slots per Channel:
In and Out
Signal Regeneration 2R (Re-shaping and Re-amplification)
Data Rate 9 Any Data Rate from 100Mbit/s up to 11 Gbit/s
depending on the installed SFP / SFP+ Modules
Dip Switch Configuration per Channel Link Pass Through Enable / Disable
Data Rate Low / High
Power Supply Single or Redundant Plugs with 100 - 240V AC or -48V DC
Fans Redundant Fan
Mechanical 19" 1HU, Depth 200 mm
Environmental Temperature 0-40oC, Humidity max. 90%, Non-condensing
Ordering Information

modular CONV 2004
10Gbps 2R Fiber Optic Converter/Repeater
with 4 independent Channels, each
with Dual Fiber (SFP / SFP+ Slot)
redundant Power Supply and Fan

1 x 100-240V, european plug
Order Code: G2004-1EU

2 x 100-240V, european plug
Order Code: G2004-2EU

1 x -48V DC
Order Code: G2004-148

2 x -48V DC
Order Code: G2004-248

modular CONV 2008
10Gbps 2R Fiber Optic Converter/Repeater
with 8 independent Channels, each
with Dual Fiber (SFP / SFP+ Slot)
redundant Power Supply and Fan

1 x 100-240V, european plug
Order Code: G2008-1EU

2 x 100-240V, european plug
Order Code: G2008-2EU

1 x -48V DC
Order Code: G2008-148

2 x -48V DC
Order Code: G2008-248


DatasheetDatasheet for the
modular CONV 2004/2008

ApplicationApplication 2 Examples


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