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Product Overview

Active Products TDM Multiplexers IP Multiplexers Gigabit Switch Fiber Converter 2.7G Fiber Converter 10G Fiber Backup

Passive Products DWDM Multiplexers CWDM Multiplexers CWDM Add/Drop WDM Multiplexers

Optical Modules GBIC Modules SFP Modules SFP+ Modules XFP Modules X2/XENPAK Modules

Accessories FO Patch Cables FO Attenuators

Measurement Light Source Fiber Meter CWDM Power Meter






Overview of all Products

ghip systems Active Network and Transmission Products
gigabit TDM

gigabit TDM - Gigabit Ethernet and E1/T1 or E3/T3 over Fiber Optics
gigabit TDM 4124
gigabit TDM 4128
gigabit TDM 4321

DatasheetDatasheet ApplicationApplication

gigabit TDM

hybrid IPM - Voice + Data over IP and Ethernet Networks
hybrid IPM 1211
hybrid IPM 1212
hybrid IPM 1241
hybrid IPM 1242

DatenblattDatasheet ApplicationApplication

gigabit SWITCH

switch GIGA - Flexible Dual-Standard Switch with Fiber/Copper Converter Option
switch GIGA 6208+8

DatasheetDatasheet ApplicationApplication

modular CONV

modular CONV - Flexible 3R Fiber Converter/Repeater for up to 2.7Gbit/s
modular CONV 7004

DatasheetDatasheet ApplicationApplication

modular CONV

modular CONV - Flexible 2R Fiber Converter/Repeater for up to 10Gbit/s
modular CONV 2004/2008

DatasheetDatasheet ApplicationApplication

modular BKUP

modular BKUP - Flexible 3R Fiber Backup Switch for up to 2.7Gbit/s
modular BKUP 7502

DatasheetDatasheet ApplicationApplication

ghip systems Passive Optical Multiplexer Products
express DWDM

express DWDM - Passive DWDM Multiplexers and Add/Drop Unit
express DWDM 5516
express DWDM 5508
express DWDM 5616
express DWDM 5608
express DWDM 5604
express DWDM 5602
express DWDM 5601

express DWDM 5704
express DWDM 5702
express DWDM 5701

DatenblattDatasheet - DWDM/OADM Dual Fiber
ApplikationApplication - DWDM Point-to-Point with Add/Drop
ApplikationApplication - DWDM Fiber Optic Ring with Add/Drop
ApplikationApplication - DWDM and CWDM combined
ÜberblickOverview of supported DWDM Channel Wavelengths
DWDM Components and Attenuation OverviewDWDM Components and Attenuation Overview

express CWDM

express CWDM - Passive CWDM Multiplexers
express CWDM 5104
express CWDM 5108
express CWDM 5116

DatasheetDatasheet - CWDM Dual Fiber
ApplicationDatasheet - CWDM Single Fiber
ApplicationApplication - CWDM Point-to-Point Multiplexed Line
CWDM Components and Attenuation OverviewCWDM Components and Attenuation Overview

express OADM

express OADM - Passive CWDM Add/Drop Systems
express OADM 5201
express OADM 5202
express OADM 5204
express OADM 5301
express OADM 5302
express OADM 5304

ApplicationApplication - CWDM Ring with Add/Drop Access
ApplicationApplication - Drop/Pass CWDM Line

express WDM

express WDM - Double Bandwidth over Fiber Optics
express WDM 5401
express WDM 5402


Optical Modules

GBIC - Gigabit Interface Converter Modules
Several third-party GBIC module types


SFP - Small Form Factor Pluggable Modules (Mini-GBICs)
Several third-party SFP module types


SFP+ - Small Form Factor Pluggable 10Gbit/s Modules
Several third-party SFP+ module types


XFP / XENPAK - 10Gbit/s Modules
Several third-party XFP module types


X2 - 10Gbit/s Modules
Several third-party X2 and XENPAK module types


PKFO - Fiber Optic Patch Cables
Patch cables for single-mode and multi-mode


ATFO - Fiber Optic Attenuators
suitable for single-mode and multi-mode


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